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Inventorship, Reduction to Practice, and Ownership of Patents


These videos discuss the very important concepts of inventorship, ownership, and reduction to practice. Inventorship and Reduction to … [Continue reading]

Searching and Filing Trademarks with the USPTO

A very important step in building your brand is applying for trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  This video discusses … [Continue reading]

European Union Parliament Approves Unitary Patent

European Union Flag

Earlier this week, the EU Parliament approved a new unitary patent regime for most EU member states.  The legislation awaits approval … [Continue reading]

How to use Public PAIR to Look Up Patent Applications

This video goes over the process for using the USPTO’s Public PAIR service to view application statuses and get file … [Continue reading]

Simple Patent Searching Tutorial

Patent research is an important first step in inventing.  Before you hire a professional searcher, you can do some of the research on … [Continue reading]

The Third Party Solicitation Scam

If you have filed a trademark application in the last few years, you may have gotten some odd, official looking mail. There is often a … [Continue reading]

How to Obtain Old File Histories from the USPTO

Most recent file histories are available in the USPTO's Public PAIR system. However, older documents have to be obtained either from a … [Continue reading]

A Patent is not Protection!

There's no such thing as a patent police force

Working in patent research, I speak with lots of new inventors who are just getting started in the business of inventing. A line I hear … [Continue reading]